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Evidence-based nutrition consulting & food literacy for smart organisations and busy women

Bridging the gap between research and the ‘real world’ since 2015

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Navigating nutrition information can be an exhausting exercise

But it shouldn’t be

With the right research, education and policies, we collectively can make overwhelming food labels, confusing dietary recommendations and a lack of clear direction a thing of the past.
As a nutrition consultant and food literacy expert, I support both organisations and everyday Australians with the expertise to confidently make the right choices and drive change.
For society and within the family home.

Hi, I’m Dr Courtney (Thompson) Stewart

Over the past 8+ years, I’ve been on a mission to improve food literacy one research project, nutrition workshop or policy submission at a time.

What it takes to impact change?

The ability to turn seemingly complex subjects into crystal-clear messages that resonate with policymakers, health care professionals and everyday Australians alike.
How did I get there?

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Need help with your project?

I have the research, education and policy solutions for your public health nutrition agenda

Whether it’s a sleek paper, an engaging webinar or an informed policy submission holding back your to-do list, my research-based approach to nutrition consulting will deliver across the entire spectrum.

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“Courtney developed core knowledge within the nutrition and public health disciplines through her undergraduate study, in which she obtained First Class Honours. Her exceptional aptitude in these disciplines and commitment to learning is evident in her undertaking of a PhD in public health nutrition. She has made a valuable and effective contribution to nutrition science and dietetics.”

Academic, Queensland University of Technology

Keen to improve your own food literacy?

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Specifically designed to give women science-based nutrition solutions for glowing skin, vitality, gut and hormone health

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“Courtney from NPR Consulting gave her time generously and enthusiastically presenting a nutrition education program to various community groups around Brisbane. She is a knowledgeable, confident presenter with a warm, friendly manner.”

R&D Coordinator

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