As busy women, we often carry the family load

That means we unfortunately often put ourselves last

Between family life, kids’ activities and work commitments, there’s
little time to make considered choices.

That includes the food we resort to.

Convenience is our best friend to help us get through another day.

What we forget is that the food we eat fuels our bodies

As much as it seems convenient to grab takeaway on the way home from work and be done with it……this decision has huge implications.

Food influences how we and our family feel today, tomorrow and in the future.

Luckily, making healthier choices for you and your family is easier than you think (even as part of a busy lifestyle!).

It all starts with the conscious decision to understand your choices so you can make better ones.

(Without it taking more time, costing more or adding to your long to-do list)

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Here’s a participant who attended one of our nutrition webinars and never looked back

“Courtney’s presentation provided a great overall explanation of the research with practical considerations – it was well-presented and easily digestible. She provided easy ways to incorporate more plant proteins that are realistic for me.”

Webinar participant

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Keen to hear from others?

Here’s another nutrition webinar participant

“Courtney’s presentation was very informative, rich in research and provided a clear overview of complicated nutrition information which was helpful if you aren’t as familiar with it. She gave a clear outline and process through the subject, good visuals and easy to follow – good detail, but not too much.”

Webinar participant

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