I’m calling it:

Liaising with policymakers and stakeholders should be a full-time job

Something most headcounts, and quite possibly yours, simply doesn’t accommodate.

It takes time to build solid relationships with the right people so you can anticipate a call for submissions and know exactly what’s required of you.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen first-hand how a lack of internal resources can seriously let down the handling of policy issues.

Outsource your food & nutrition policy advice for rock-solid submissions

Over the past 5+ years, some of Australia’s leading organisations have tasked me with collecting and analysing the data it takes to make policy recommendations.

What I’ve learned very quickly?

Pitching successfully to government organisations takes evidence-based communication, a deep curiosity for the food policy dialogue and strong leadership skills.

Skills I bring to the table for every policy project I get to work on.

“You provided recommendations for policymakers that are clearly linked to the evidence presented and demonstrated strong knowledge of the subject area, with evidence of wide and comprehensive reading and critical ability. Well done.”

City University London

What can my food & nutrition policy advice include?

nutrition 1

Updating policy responses to ensure they are still relevant and effective

nutrition 2

Liaising with internal and external stakeholders on policy issues

nutrition 3

Preparing briefs and reports presenting policy information to governments and policymakers

nutrition 4

Advising governments and related organisations on particular food & nutrition trends that may affect policy development

nutrition 5

Researching, assessing and compiling information in relation to policy submissions

nutrition 6

Collect and analyse data and make evidence-based recommendations to the relevant stakeholders

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What policies have we contributed to?

policy 1

Responded to World Health Organization (WHO) draft guideline on fiscal policies to promote healthy diets

policy 2

Responded to the Australian Dietary Guidelines Public call for systematic reviews

policy 3

Responded to FSANZ Proposal P1058 – Nutrition labelling about added sugars

Need help with other aspects of your business?

These are your options

Food & nutrition research

Task me with gathering the vital information for your project so you can rely on a solid, evidence-based foundation for future publications that build trust.

Nutrition education

Make me your go-to for evidence-based and researched-backed policy submissions on a national or international scale that see you getting on with business.

The triple effect

Experience true peace of mind with this ongoing, fixed-fee package. Trust me with regular research, education and policy solutions for your business so you can finally shift from reactive to proactive, and anticipate upcoming trends and changes within your industry.

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