We all would love to eat better

But when it comes down to it, many of us simply don’t know how

This is exactly how my journey into nutrition unfolded.
I was that teenager with a healthy curiosity and a total lack of guidance to make the right food choices.
Home economics at high school was a starting point, but it certainly left a lot to be desired

What followed?

A complicated relationship with food and dietary guidelines.

I knew what I SHOULD eat,
but I simply couldn’t make the process enjoyable.

So I set out to truly understand the food on my plate…

…and ultimately fuelled a deep passion for food literacy.

What began with a Bachelor of Nutrition Science at Queensland University of Technology quickly created a hunger for more.
I realised there was so much to our relationship with food and its impact on our health, and I had only scratched the surface.
So I added an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences, followed by a phenomenal amount of hours completing a PhD in public health nutrition with a focus on the development, validation and assessment of food literacy.
I don’t do things by halves, as you can tell.

“Courtney (from NPR Consulting) has been a complete pleasure to work with. Her eagerness to learn, adapt and meticulously carry out requirements gives me confidence that she is an asset to any team in delivering impeccable, evidence-based work.”

Queensland University of Technology

Nowadays, I support both smart organisations and busy individuals with food literacy and the nutrition agenda

An agenda that should be anything but complex


Hi, I’m Dr Courtney (Thompson) Stewart

Registered nutritionist, a lifelong learner and your passionate food literacy advocate.

What have I mastered during my 8+ years of study & teaching all facets of nutrition while working for leading organisations in Australia’s food industry?

How to turn complex research into guidance on nutrition that resonates with everyday Australians.

A skillset that’s made me the nutrition consultant of choice for a growing number of government organisations, not-for-profits, the food industry… and possibly you.

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Clinton Stewart

Clinton Stewart

Supermarket business owner; hygiene and safety specialist and now, food retail Accountant.

During Clinton’s 12+ years working in hospitality, catering and a supermarket business (where he won Supermarket of the Year Awards for 2012-2014) he mastered compliance with the Food Standards Code, labelling and health and safety inspections.

He gained valuable research, education and policy experience while completing his business degree – which he now uses to support projects at NPR Consulting and as a Chartered Accountant for food manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses.


How you can make me the trusted nutritionist by your side

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