What if making healthy, nutritious food choices was second nature to you?

And hours of planning the weekly menu became a quick tick in the box

I sense that’s exactly why you’re here.

You’re so ready to…

  • Find quicker & smarter ways to feed your family
  • Know rather than guess the foods that are best for you
  • Step up the nutrients in every meal for more energy and better health
  • Switch your rinse-and-repeat recipes for easy-to-master variety and flavour
  • Start enjoying family meals again because everyone loves what’s on their plate(including fussy little ones)

You’re ready to feel calm, collected and totally in control when it comes to the food choices you make for yourself and your family.

(But in reality, the pure thought of menu planning sends your head into a spin.)

What will debunk the food myths and replace them with expert-vetted advice?

NOT going down the Google rabbit hole

While Google has its place, it’s also home to some of the most misleading, unfounded information that will do one thing:
Leave you none-the-wiser. (and likely steer you in a totally wrong direction)

All while adding to your battery-draining mental load.

Tracking down tips & tricks that up your food smarts and confidence is a challenge.
(I guess you know because I find you here still searching)

I’m referring to solutions like:

  • Recipe blogs
    (that lack any nutritional information & expertise)
  • Nutrition guides
    (full of jargon and little to help you unpack it all)
  • Pre-made meals
    (where convenience is big, but the flavour is low)
  • Supplements
    (that cost a fortune without the health boost to warrant the price tag)
  • Questionable meal plans designed by celebrity chefs
    (with big claims and even bigger health risks

The stumbling block to effortless, healthy food choices for you and your family isn’t your budget or motivation.
It’s a crystal clear, researched plan of attack that works within your busy lifestyle.


Get Food Smart

The only 6-week food literacy course that demystifies all aspects of smart food choices while making you feel and look great today and in the future.
(without adding extra time to prepare or doubling your weekly food budget)

Join the waitlist today

Get Food Smart changes your way of thinking

Rather than jumping from one quick fix to a new ‘winning formula’ every 2 weeks
(only to abandon ship because things simply don’t stack up)

The lasting aha-moments comes from the perfect blend of:

  • Time-saving hacks
    that free up your full-to-the-brim agenda
  • Evidence-based insights
    to read food labels so you know what really matters
  • Quick-and-easy meals
    to feed hungry kids when your meeting is running late
  • Budget-friendly tweaks
    to make the content of your fridge and pantry go further
  • Bullet-proof tricks
    to help you choose the freshest ingredients and leave the over-ripe avocado on the
  • Health-boosting insider tips
    to turn the food you eat into your secret weapon

A unique blend of expert-vetted strategies that finally make healthy food choices not only achievable, but enjoyable.

Who am I to talk?

Hi, I’m Dr Courtney Thompson

Accredited nutritionist, a lifelong learner and passionate about
Australia’s food literacy

My journey into nutrition began as a teenager with a healthy curiosity but a total lack of guidance when it came to the right food choices.

Home economics at school was a starting point, but it certainly left a lot to be desired.
What followed?

A complicated relationship with food and dietary guidelines.
(I knew what I SHOULD eat, but I simply couldn’t make the process enjoyable.

So I set out to truly understand the food on my plate and ultimately fuelled a deep passion for food literacy.

What began with a Bachelor of Nutrition Science quickly created a hunger for more.

I realised there was so much to our relationship with food and its impact on our health, and I had only scratched the surface.

So I added an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences, followed by a phenomenal amount of hours completing a PhD in public health nutrition with a focus on the development, validation and assessment of food literacy.

(I don’t do things by halves, as you can tell.)

What have my 7+ years of studying & teaching all facets of nutrition for leading organisations in Australia’s food industry taught me?

How to turn complex food facts into practical strategies that allow busy women like you to claim your full nutritional potential (while saving hours of precious time and boosting your health).

What underpins your food literacy journey within Get Food Smart?

The 3 pillars of nutrition change

icon map path
Map the path

Let’s identify your goal so we can come up with an evidence-based nutrition strategy and set you up for success starting today.

icon plan maintain
Maintain the plan

Let’s give you a practical action plan that breaks down the seemingly complex aspects of healthy eating into easy-to-digest tips you can use daily.

icon master shift
Master the shift

Let’s celebrate your wins. Now that you’ve boosted your food literacy for good, it’s time to enjoy the lasting impact on your food choices.

Here’s what you can expect inside this course

icon course 1
The recipe ‘hub’

with an ever-growing selection of quick, easy, dietitian-created, family-friendly recipes

icon course 2
My smart time-saving apps

to streamline the planning, preparation and cooking process even more

icon course 3
The member-only Facebook community

so you can connect with like-minded women ready to share recipe ideas, aha-moments and wins as you go along

icon course 4
Shopping lists

so we speed up your shop and free up more time for what really matters to you

icon course 5
Convenient video & podcast format

so you can up your food smarts in bite-sized sessions when, where and how it suits you

icon course 6
Food label reading cards

to help you make educated & smart choices whenever you hit the supermarket

icon course 7
Weekly family activities

so your kids come along for the ride and become a part of the food journey ahead

icon course 8
Lifetime access

so you can revisit the hacks, tips & tricks as your lifestyle evolves

This is how we’ll get you there:

Over 6 mind-blowing weeks

Week 1

Let’s plan

We’ll explore how to

  • Choose the right recipes for your famil
  • Save time when cooking
  • Write a quick & easy shopping list
  • Recoup time and money during your grocery shop
  • Healthier ways to enjoy takeaway
  • Make your budget go further by buying in-season produce
  • Decide which food to prioritise within your weekly budget
  • Take advantage of promotions

After this week you’ll be

A superwoman shopper who never enters a supermarket without a clear plan of attack again

Week 2

Let’s adapt

We’ll explore how to

  • Find perfect replacements if your 1st choice isn’t available
  • Adapt your menu when you:
    • Are feeling unwell
    • Get home late
    • Run out of time
    • Are on holidays
    • Are over-hungry
    • Are an aspiring cook
    • Deal with fussy eaters

After this week you’ll be

An adaptable kitchen expert who can cope with even the most unexpected pressures

Week 3

Let’s select

We’ll explore how to

  • Know where your food comes from
  • Weigh up the environmental and ethical impacts of your food choices
  • Avoid disappointment in the fruit & veg department (and pick the perfect avocado every time
  • Pick packaged food the healthy way
  • Read food labels so you always choose the healthy options
  • Fit eating out into a healthy lifestyle by choosing the smarter options

After this week you’ll be

A foodie expert in the making who can spot a healthy buy from a mile away

Week 4

Let’s prepare

We’ll explore how to

  • Prepare and cook healthy food
  • Substitute with alternative ingredients
  • Research what it takes to prepare a food you’ve never cooked with before
  • Deal with cooking setbacks
  • Pull together a meal with the ingredients in your fridge and pantry

After this week you’ll be

A cooking whiz who knows how to navigate your kitchen and confidently turns the content of your fridge into a healthy dinner (without following a set recipe)

Week 5

Let’s be safe

We’ll explore how to

  • Confidently handle:
    • Fruit
    • Vegetables
    • Raw meat
    • Poultry
    • Fish
  • Successfully store food with freshness in mind
  • Master food safety 101
  • Distinguish between Best before & Use by
  • Navigate safe food temperatures

After this week you’ll be

A safety queen who can spot the warning signs of food that’s not quite right (and how to avoid just that)

Week 6

Let’s eat

We’ll explore how to

  • Select ingredients so your family gets the perfect spread of nutrients to stay healthy
  • Boost your mental and emotional health through food
  • Start enjoying meal time as a family again

After this week you’ll be

A food literacy master who’s internalised the ins and outs of healthy meal prep. Best of all? Now you get to enjoy them with your healthy, happy family

Let me take you to a day in the very near future when you tackle breakfast, lunch and dinner like an expert

And don’t mention the snacks

In only 1 week you could

Be the champion shopper who saves time, money and brain space while navigating the supermarket aisles.
All thanks to your new-found planning skills. Bring it on, I say!

In only 6 weeks you could

Approach meal planning with an inner confidence that not only shows in your family budget (the one that goes a lot further these days), but in the lack of stress and anxiety that come with the food you put on the table each day.

In only 12 week you could

Look back wondering where you’d be today if you didn’t make game-changing shifts in your approach to food that day you signed up for Get Food Smart. And you’re glad you did because you’re still making healthy choices and have never felt better!

Make today DAY 1 of smarter food choices

With a payment plan to suit every budget

Most flexible

Monthly payment
  • Instant Access to week 1 so you can start planning like an expert today
  • 6 modules of bite-sized videos, podcasts, recipes, activities, time-saving apps + MORE
  • Practical tips, tricks & hacks
  • Lifetime access to the member-only Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to the learning portal content

Most cost-effective

Pay in Full
  • Instant Access to week 1 so you can start planning like an expert today
  • 6 modules of bite-sized videos, podcasts, recipes, activities, time-saving apps + MORE
  • Practical tips, tricks & hacks
  • Lifetime access to the member-only Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to the learning portal content


Upgrade for an additional

Want 1:1 support from a nutritionist as you embark on this journey?

Become 1 of ONLY 3 VIP students

What does that look like?

  • 2 x 30-min 1:1 Zoom sessions throughout the 6-week program
  • 1 x 30-min 1:1 Zoom check-in 3 months after

Have I caught you wondering whether you’re simply too busy for a healthy lifestyle?

Let me clear things up:
Eating healthy can be just as quick, if not quicker, than the pre-packaged, grab-n-go options currently on your menu.

Get Food Smart doesn’t add more to your plate.
It simplifies and streamlines things so they become easier.

If you are…

…over feeling sluggish and run-down because of the processed food you eat
…done with quick fixes, crash diets and empty claims
…wishing you could read between the lines when it comes to ingredients

If you want to step up and eat well for good…
…then Get Food Smart will be your best friend.

I’m ready for quick & easy

I sense you have more questions

Let me answer them for you right now

Week 1 is ready to go as soon as you sign up. The rest of the content will be released gradually over 6 weeks not to overwhelm you. After the 6 weeks, you’ll have access to ALL content and resources as long as this program exists.

That’s a great start. Congratulations! Even if you integrate some healthy ingredients into your weekly meals, the trips, tricks & hacks will make a real difference to how long it takes to prepare these. Best of all? The weekly shopping lists, time-saving apps and recipe hub will speed things up even more.

It would be great, but it’s not essential. Weeks 4 and 5 are going to be your best friends. That’s when we’ll cover how to prepare food safely, even if you’re new to cooking. All the recipes within Get Food Smart are dietitian-designed and are quick and easy to prepare, even if you consider yourself a cooking newbie.

No. Essential equipment does help, but none of the recipes require you to make costly purchases or fancy kitchen appliances. Your basic kitchen setup will work just fine.

We officially kick off on xx.xx.xxxx, but you’ll get access to the week 1 content immediately to give you a head start and help you make smarter planning moves. Now is also a great time to join the student-only Facebook Community to get to know your fellow foodies.

That depends on you and your approach to digesting it all (pardon the pun). As a general guide, I’d put aside x hours each week, so you get the most out of the content. Think you might be falling behind because of family commitments? Don’t stress. With lifetime access to the content, you can complete the lessons at your own pace.

Likely not. Unless you want to invest 8 years completing a nutrition degree. The beauty of this course is that I have condensed all the foundations, tips & tricks from 7+ years of studying food literacy, nutrition and public health into bite-sized information that simply makes sense within a busy lifestyle. That’s something Google, fancy nutritional guides or recipe books simply don’t deliver.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. The student-only Facebook Community is where you can ask your Get Food Smart-related questions for as long as this program exists. Want 1:1 support and personal guidance that goes beyond the odd question? Then become 1 of only 3 VIP students I take on each time I run this program. This upgrade not only holds you accountable and keeps you on track, it will also make me your personal nutritionist over the coming close to 6 months.

Let me ask you one last question

What if you could walk through life full of energy and feeling great?

(and the thought of meal planning no longer took up every minute of your day

Less food anxiety and mealtime stress
More freedom to enjoy things that really matter to you.
Less focus on weight, calorie counting and fad foods.
More fulfilment from preparing and eating wholesome food you enjoy

See, you can keep Googling and guessing…
…or make a conscious decision to grow your food literacy with a nutrition expert by your side.

Is today the day you finally swap food fear for juicy food smarts?
(and the health benefits that come with them)

The answer?
Entirely up to you.

How it can happen

With the perfect mix of tips, tricks & hacks from a seasoned food literacy expert

Most flexible

Monthly payment
  • Instant Access to week 1 so you can start planning like an expert today
  • 6 modules of bite-sized videos, podcasts, recipes, activities, time-saving apps + MORE
  • Practical tips, tricks & hacks
  • Lifetime access to the member-only Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to the learning portal content

Most cost-effective

Pay in Full
  • Instant Access to week 1 so you can start planning like an expert today
  • 6 modules of bite-sized videos, podcasts, recipes, activities, time-saving apps + MORE
  • Practical tips, tricks & hacks
  • Lifetime access to the member-only Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to the learning portal content

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