Picture a day where the thought of cooking no longer made you panic

You’d actually feel excited about it

Because you know your way around your kitchen.
You can pull off a step-by-step recipe without messing it up.
Chop, slice, dice and mince now means something to you.

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But right now you’d rather sweep the state of your kitchen know-how under the carpet

Because it’s basically non-existent

You know it’s time to step up in the kitchen department and you’re keen to make healthier choices. But life’s busy, and your most recent attempt at Googling ‘really basic cooking’ has left you even more confused and uninspired.


Get Kitchen Confident

The only nutritionist-designed 3-week cooking course you’ll need to spark your curiosity for cooking and love of healthy home-made meals.

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Here’s Cathy who attended the workshop and never looked back

“I completed the beta round of this course and was very impressed with Courtney (from NPR Consulting). She was friendly and approachable. I can now easily get around the kitchen and use equipment I never felt comfortable to touch before!”


Who am I to talk?

Hi, I’m Dr Courtney Thompson

Accredited nutritionist, a lifelong learner and passionate about
Australia’s food literacy

My journey into nutrition began as a teenager with a healthy curiosity but a total lack of guidance when it came to the right food choices.

Home economics at school was a starting point, but it certainly left a lot to be desired.

What followed?
A complicated relationship with food and dietary guidelines.
(I knew what I SHOULD eat,
but I simply couldn’t make the process enjoyable.)

So I set out to truly understand the food on my plate and ultimately fuelled a deep passion for food literacy.

That involved a Bachelor of Nutrition Science, an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences and a phenomenal amount of hours completing a PhD in public health nutrition.

(I don’t do things by halves, as you can tell.)

What have my 7+ years of studying & teaching all facets of nutrition for leading organisations in Australia’s food industry taught me?

How to turn complex food facts into practical strategies that allow everyone to embark their healthy eating journey.

And this workshop is the first, critical step!

What we’ll cover during our 3-weeks together

Everything to kickstart your own kitchen adventures

Food safety

The important basics to consider and be aware of before embarking on your first prepared meal.

Navigating your kitchen

We’ll explore the ins and outs of the basic equipment and utensils that should be a part of every kitchen, and cover optional tools and appliances that can make your life easier.

Food preparation

Let the fun begin! Together we’ll unpack common kitchen terminology and give you the confidence to execute the most common food prep techniques you’ll need to follow recipes.

Cooking methods

There are so many ways to cook your food. So, let’s cover how you can prepare your favourite food by poaching, steaming, roasting and grilling.

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After only 3-weeks…

You can walk away with kitchen confidence like this

“(Get Kitchen Confident) was really wonderful, very informative, interesting and valuable information. The content was easy to understand and instructional videos were very useful. Courtney was very pleasant and easy to understand and follow along with.”


When you sign up to Get Kitchen Confident

you make an investment in lifelong skills and your health

Get Kitchen Confident

  • 3 weeks of comprehensive content

    Where we’ll explore everything you need to navigate your kitchen and prepare basic recipes with confidence

  • Lifetime access

    so you can revisit the hacks, tips & tricks as your kitchen adventures become more curious

  • Instructional videos

    As a go-to guide whenever you need to double check an aspect of the workshop

  • 1 PAYMENT OF $449
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Questions you might be asking yourself

Absolutely! You get access to all the session recordings, action steps, guides and manuals for as long as this program exists.

This course is specifically designed for the kitchen novice who is brand new to techniques, appliances and utensils. It’s going to teach you everything you need to have the confidence to give basic recipes a go.

Not at all. This practical course is the easy entry point to cooking where I debunk the lingo and help you make sense of all the kitchen gadgets, appliances and utensils waiting for you to explore.

No. Essential equipment does help, but this course does not require you to make costly purchases or fancy kitchen appliances. Your basic kitchen setup will work just fine.

This course runs 1-2 times a year. The next course date will be emailed to those on the waitlist, so join today to be the first to find out.

Possibly. But it takes commitment to actually make it happen. This course supports you with the easy-to-understand learnings and the accountability to take action rather than put it off until next time.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. The student-only community is where you can ask your Get Kitchen Confident-related questions for as long as this program exists.

How much does 3-weeks of takeout or Uber Eats set you back?

Why not skip them and invest in this course instead?

Because this course is so much more than that.
It’s an investment in your future, your health and your lifestyle.

Stepping up as a new kitchen-confident will see you…

  • Be healthier
  • Feel accomplished
  • Save more money
  • Treat mealtimes as an experience

Are you ready to meet the new you?

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