What to eat when pregnant to nourish your baby

What to eat when pregnant to nourish your baby

Cushii x Dr Courtney Thompson, NPR Consulting

There is a lot of commentary on the internet, blog posts, friends and family about what to do when pregnant. This is a transformative life event, so perhaps you’re already feeling overwhelmed with what you shouldn’t be doing.

So instead, we partnered with Cushii to talk about what you can do with your nutrition with our pre-natal nutrition guide. This includes four key food categories to focus on to cover all the vital nutrients for your pre-natal journey.

If you want to tick of on some of the key nutrients we mention in the blog, there is also our FREE One Pan Easy Chicken Curry recipe.

Check out our blog post with Cushii HERE.

Dr Courtney Thompson (RNutr, FHEA)

BNutrSc, BBiomedSc(Hons), PhD
Director, NPR Consulting

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