A bride's guide to wedding day comfort and energy
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4 December 2023

A bride’s guide to wedding day comfort and energy

The ultimate guide for a bride on her wedding day to avoid the bloat, and discomfort and have a lot of energy.

Manage My Wedding x Dr Courtney Thompson, NPR Consulting

A topic that is central to conversations on your wedding day – what do I eat to not bloat, avoid discomfort and kick fatigue so I can enjoy my day? So, we have put together the ultimate bride’s guide to wedding day comfort and energy.

In our podcast with Yvette Sitter from Manage My Wedding we discuss our recommendations around what to eat more and less of in the lead-up to, and on the day, so you don’t have to worry about needing to squeeze into your dress.

Check out our podcast with Yvette HERE.

Key takeaways from the podcast

Addressing the Challenge: We tackle common concerns faced by brides – last-minute discomfort, unexpected bloating, and the creeping energy drain. Uncover the secrets to ensuring you feel as incredible as you look.

Tips for Healthy Eating: Craving solutions? We’ve got you covered with practical advice on maintaining a bloat-free and energized state. Learn simple yet effective tips to seamlessly incorporate healthy eating into your wedding planning routine.

Activities for Boosting Energy: Wave goodbye to fatigue! Explore enjoyable activities that keep you fit and ready to embrace every moment of your special day. From quick workouts to rejuvenating practices, we’ve mapped out a plan to keep your energy levels soaring.

Mindful Moments: Stress less, glow more. Discover the significant role of mindfulness in reducing stress and enhancing your overall wedding planning experience. Easy techniques to stay present and savour every blissful moment.

Your Journey to Radiance: We conclude with actionable steps to embark on your path to a bloat-free, radiant, and energized you. Because the last thing you need on your wedding day is discomfort – let’s make it all about feeling fabulous.


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