Defining, applying and measuring food literacy frameworks for health and education

Comollo, E., Thompson, C., Vidgen, H.A.


Learning goals:

The goals of this Deep Dive Workshop were:

– To critically review various definitions and conceptualisations of food literacy

– To develop an understanding of the evidence of the relationship between food literacy and food-related outcomes through an understanding of its measurement.

– To collaboratively describe goals for action in food literacy

– Increase comfort level in implementing aspects of food literacy in educational settings

– Identify food literacy domains and competencies

Training Objectives:

– Integrate the food literacy theoretical framework into traditional school curricula and multidisciplinary content areas

– Apply food literacy domains and competencies to a curriculum or lesson

– Contribute to an international discussion on the definition of Food Literacy

Needs Assessment Plan:

Participants will be informally polled upon the start of the Deep Dive workshop to assess their educational role and rationale for attendance. This will help align the workshop to the interest and capacity of attendants. Since this participation is voluntary, it can be assumed that most participants are already interested in learning about food literacy.


Comollo, E., Thompson, C., Vidgen, H.A. (2023, July 20-23). Food literacy deep dive workshop. In 2023 SNEB International Conference.

Dr Courtney Stewart (RNutr, FHEA)

BNutrSc, BBiomedSc(Hons), PhD
Director, NPR Consulting

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