18 August 2022

Development, validation and item reduction of a food literacy questionnaire (IFLQ-19) with Australian adults

Thompson, C., Adams, J., Byrne, R., Vidgen, H.A

8 August 2022

Interdisciplinary insights on the future of food systems research: perspectives from the next generation of research leaders

Russell, C., Schram, A., Salmon, L., Carrad, A., Barbour, L., Lacy-Nichols, J., Huse, O., Machado, P., Gilbert, J., Zorbas, C., Thompson, C.

2 November 2021

Progressing the development of a food literacy questionnaire using cognitive interviews

Thompson, C., Adams, J., & Vidgen, H.A.


15 January 2021

Developing the next generation of healthcare professionals: the impact of an interprofessional education placement model

Naumann, F., Schumacher, U., Stuckey, A., Love, A., Thompson, C., Tunny, R., & Nash, R.


11 December 2019

Validation of a revised General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire for Australia

Thompson, C., Vidgen, H.A., Gallegos, D., & Hannan-Jones, M.


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